SAJJ is a boutique law firm specialized in contracts, dispute resolution and litigation dedicated to French and foreign companies.

We also provide a global cross-disciplinary expertise with the collaboration of external partners.

The design and implementation of clients’ projects are managed by applying a method of active communication, transparency and involvement.

For us, offering services is complementary to our legal competence.

This allows us to bring precise, innovative and pragmatic responses which contribute to the success of our clients.

SAJJ | Société d'Avocats

SAJJ law firm colloborates with external partners. Our expertise enables the relevance and pro-activity of our responses.

SAJJ | Société d'Avocats

A transversal and cross-disciplinary approach (advice/contracts/litigation) allows us to manage risk and design solutions globally.

SAJJ | Société d'Avocats

Active cooperation and communication between You and us, allows us to:

  • Provide solutions and advice on the strategy and means to obtain positive results;
  • Offer a result which conforms to expectations and budgetary constraints,
  • Apply and sustain the professional principles in which we believe.



March 2016

Resolving Disputes through Arbitration

The features of arbitration explain its constant expansion as an efficient alternative to litigation. Arbitration is both a chosen and private type of justice.
Chosen means that parties agree to submit their dispute to this type of jurisdiction. They can appoint the members of the arbitral tribunal, determine the possibility to appeal and the duration of the process. They can also set the applicable contract and procedural rules, therefore they can decide more freely in which countries they do business, without the issues pertaining to domestic courts. Private means that hearings are not public. Moreover the procedure can be confidential at the parties’discretion, which is one of arbitration’s most appealing features. It mostly means that the court is specifically appointed for the case at hand, so that its availability allows parties to expect an appropriate and pragmatic award.
As Arbitration is the business of the parties, it is unsurprisingly, one of the procedure which most leads to out-of-court settlements.

17 September 2015

The Non Disclosure Agreement

The Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) or the Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA) is not the final contract and it doesn't deal with the subject of a contract but with the confidential status of the information made available to each Party, during the negotiation, the performance of the contract and the period after the termination.